Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Science Summer Toolbox - Living Things! By Shauna Davey Goldman


Being a part of the National Air and Space Museum, Science in Pre-K predominantly explores physical science concepts as a way to introduce inquiry science learning to young children. But life science concepts are also rich with opportunities for exploration and discovery for young children as well. In the summer time especially, there are many living things that children can observe! So, we start off our Science Summer Toolbox with exploring the needs of living things. Our Journal activity creates opportunities for your child to observe and document the care they provide for a small animal or insect. Additionally, our Storybook activity is another creative way to document and reflect on the life of an animal or insect a child has observed.

Do you or a neighbor have a small pet that your child cares for? Perhaps your child has observed ants, moths or other living things in your yard or neighborhood. For more ideas and science knowledge about exploration of the natural world, check out The National Science Teachers’ Association Early Years Blog, by Peggy Ashbrook. Our Exploring Further page also lists more early childhood science resources that include more information about exploring nature.