About Science In Pre-K

Science in Pre-K began as a cooperative effort between the National Air and Space Museum and DC Public Schools, supported by PNC Foundation’s Grow Up Great with Science. It was a small professional development program that has expanded to a national audience through our website.The goal of the Science in Pre-K website is to provide you with a foundation in science content and teaching methods for science inquiry in a preschool environment. We hope that Science in Pre-K will provide you with more confidence in your ability to design ongoing learning experiences for young students to explore scientific subjects

Educator's Sandbox

Living things outside can be easily observed, the size of a tree, colors in a garden, noises from animals. These observations also change with the season or even the time of day. The outdoors is filled with wonderful learning opportunity for little scientists.  They may ask questions, including how do seeds grow into plants? Instead of telling them the answer, you can say "let's find out!"