Science Concepts

Science in Pre-K provides teachers with the basic science content knowledge for each of the science units of the programs. This content is developed with adults in mind. The science content is here for you to learn and to empower yourself to teach your students at their appropriate age level. You can also find guidance in this section about how to introduce these subjects to your students. 

Science in Pre-K  focuses on the physical sciences, or PHYSICS!

Students are challenged to observe which objects sink or float. They then record their observations on a chart.

phys·ics (noun)

The science of matter and energy and their interactions.

Physics is the study of the physical forces in the world around us.

Science in Pre-K explores a few physical forces for young children to learn about;

Building Structures
Light and Shadows

Subjects such as air and gravity can be introduced after exploring other, more visible forces. 

Science is...

  • found everywhere

  • in children’s lived experiences

  • explored directly by children

  • explored deeply over time